How to know DOKO is the right fit for you?

Welcome to DOKO! We are a family-owned veterinary hospital that has been serving the Blythewood area since 2017. Our mission is to provide compassionate care to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. We do that by providing high-quality medical and surgical care in an environment that is safe, clean, and modern. Our staff is well-trained in pet handling and will be gentle, kind, and empathetic during each visit.

Why the funny name? Blythewood was founded in 1852 and was originally called DOKO (Pronounced Doe-koh). It was a stop along the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad. No one is sure why the town was called DOKO, but it is likely African or Native American in origin. We chose the name due to its strong historical connection to the area, and represents our strong ties to the local community.

Why is being family owned important? Being family-owned means we don’t have any corporate management or investors to answer to. It allows us to maximize time with our clients, treat pets with the most up-to-date techniques, and provide a more personalized experience for our clients.

Dr. Gallery and staff have loved getting to know all the pet parents in Blythewood and the surrounding area. We look forward to providing you with the best veterinary, grooming, and boarding services available for years to come.

Experience the Doko Difference!


Our team has worked hard to become masters of their fields giving them the experience to handle a multitude of medical procedures.

The Best

DOKO’s abundance of services ensures your pet not only feels good, but looks good too!

The best

Our facility features brand new top of the line equipment to ensure the best care for our patients.